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[New] Weak Jupiter in Horoscope? Follow these Remedies

Weak Jupiter is also called”the Guru Graha also known as the Guru or Brihaspati is known as the planet that represents knowledge and wisdom. When it is placed in a favorable position within the horoscope can produce incredible positive results. Positive Jupiter can be powerful enough to defeat other negative planets. This is the reason why those with positively influenced Jupiter are considered lucky.

Weak Jupiter in Horoscope

Weak Jupiter in Horoscope

[New] Weak Jupiter in Horoscope? Follow these Remedies.

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Post Date 20/01/2022

Jupiter Remedies

In Vedic Astrology it is believed that the planet Jupiter is also known as Guru as well as Brihaspati and is considered to be the planet of wisdom and learning. It is believed to be the most beneficent out of the solar system, Jupiter has a natural affinity with wealth, luck and fortune. The presence of this benevolent planet is likely to alter the fortunes of people from rags to wealth. Jupiter is a highly spiritual planet. Jupiter assists us in staying in the right direction and develop, and also kindly watches as we grow. Jupiter guides us from ignorance and into the wisdom of light.
But, Jupiter at its worst can cause us to fall into a state of excessive indulgence, apathy and numbness. Let’s learn the ways Jupiter impacts our lives as well as learn about solutions for the planet Jupiter.

Impacts of Strong Jupiter
If Jupiter is in good health The person is more likely to enjoy prosperity, wealth, and spiritual success as well as children. It is also a good idea to stay in the company of people who are good.

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The effects of weak Jupiter

While Jupiter is famous for its goodness, Jupiter sitting in a weak spot in the Horoscope can result in the planet’s ability to weaken. A weak Jupiter could bring negative results and misfortunes to the lives of those who live there. Some of the issues you could encounter due to the weak Jupiter include:

If it is located in a weak spot in the horoscope Jupiter could make a person a novice in their knowledge.

The person who is born may take a wrong turn in their journey.

A weak Jupiter could cause disrepute for the person and their reputation in the society could be affected.

The child might not be able earn the respect of their teacher or their guardian.

The native could be deficient in the wealth of their parents and children.

People who have weak Jupiter have a problem with confidence, faith, and concentration.

They tend to be optimistic and materialistic, as well as spiritually financially ruined. Additionally, those with weak Jupiter are often faced with financial difficulties in their lives.

A weak Jupiter can lead to health issues like obesity, diabetes and inflammation. It can also cause problems with the liver, stomach hips, feet, and stomach. Skin dryness can be a sign of a weak Jupiter.

Treatments of Jupiter from Vedic Astrology
You can increase the strength of the power of your Jupiter as well as boost the strength of your Jupiter by following the following remedies:

Wear yellow-colored jewellery Gold is the most reliable option.

Wear yellow clothing throughout the day.

Keep an eye on your Thursdays.

Chant Guru Beej Mantra Chant Guru Beej Mantra “Om Gram Greem Saha Gurve Nama” 28 times or 108 times per each day.

Give jaggery or sweets to those who are in a religious location, such as an altar for Jupiter to grant you knowledge and expand.

Do selfless work for those in need or take part in voluntarist service in temples. You could also aid anyone in need, or contribute to the overall welfare of society.

Donate any items that are that are related to Jupiter every Thursday. These include the holy scriptures, yellow fabric or clothes and yellow flowers as well as turmeric, gold and so on.

Give cows a loving home. It is also believed to increase the health of the condition of Jupiter planet.

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